This Dunes West customer wanted a
favorite backyard palm tree painted
directly on their dining room wall.
The colors and details add
such a focal point to this
beautifully decorated home.
This bare wall needed color and a
bold statement to accent the
Tommy Bahama
furniture set.
There was not enough space in
the room for a live plant,
so Steve Neff hand painted
a broad leaf palm.
Steve Neff worked with the
customer to decide on an 8
feet by 4 feet trompe l'oeil
window scene of their local
lighthouse painted on
sculpted board.
This stair landing used to be
decorated with a table and
framed art.  The customer
wanted a large piece to fill the
20 foot wall space.
This Florida customer chose to have
Steve Neff paint a mural in their
dining room to create an open, airy
feel.  The piece was painted on
canvas in the
Painted Palms Studio.
Once the mural was completed,
Steve Neff installed the piece on
their wall using wallpaper paste
thus giving the effect of it being
painted directly to the wall.
This Mount Pleasant customer
wanted to change the look of her
white walls with faux painting.
Steve Neff used a faux painting
technique to give this kitchen a
true Tuscany feel.  
The electric panel in this laundry
room located at the end of a hallway
needed to be disguised.
Steve Neff used a clever  technique
applying a gallery wrap giclee to a
framed support allowing the customer
to access the panel simply by opening
the "
The Oak" like a door.
This customer wanted an
art niche for the main
stairway similar to one
seen in Neff's portfolio.
To make this mural unique, Neff
created an art niche and sill
giving the illusion of an accent
light shining on a potted plant.  
The surface is completely
flat...everything you see is
painted.  Refer to "Murals" for
more detailed pictures.
Above the fireplace and television
sits a shelf decorated with plants and
accessories.  The customer asked
Steve to add some character
to the space.
To add some "life" and a
conversation piece, Steve
painted a trompe l'oeil monkey.
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The same customer above wanted
an additional monkey painted on
the opposite wall in the kitchen.
This beautiful Intracoastal Waterway
home needed large artwork to
fill the two-story living room wall.
We framed a limited edition giclee
of "The Ralston Creek Herons" and
surrounded the painting with
16 foot tall Signature Palms making
a dramatic and impressive
So, Steve added another
monkey who is stealing
bamboo sticks from the
After purchasing a digital painting
by Andrea Neff from The Neff Art
Gallery, this Renaissance customer
chose to add another piece in their
breakfast nook.
Andrea Neff was able to create
a complimentary piece using the
existing colors from the
painting in the living room.
Although Steve Neff has been
commissioned to faux paint trey
ceilings in the past, this Isle of
Palms, SC resident wanted a beach
mural to view above her bed in the
master suite.
Steve added a sky, clouds,
beach, birds, palms and boat to
this scene...a perfect accent this
beach home.  Below you will see
more detailed pictures, as well
as, the preliminary project sketch.