Andrea "Dre" Neff was born and raised in Lorton, Virginia. There
she met her husband, Steve, as a young teen.  Living near
Washington, D.C., they often visited museums such as the National
Gallery of Art, the Corcoran College of Art and The Smithsonian
which influenced their interest in the arts.

In 1989, they moved to Blacksburg, VA to attend college at Radford
University where Dre earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education.
After residing in southwest Virgina for thirteen years, she and Steve
relocated as a result of a job transfer to Mount Pleasant, SC in 2002
with their two daughters, now eleven and twelve years of age.  Six
months later, Steve painted a palm tree mural under the direction of
Dre, hence Painted Palms, their mural and fine art company began.

As Steve continued to pursue his mural and fine art career, Dre
designed the Painted Palms website and all other press material
and advertising for their company.   She began to design graphic art
that expressed her own style which soon led to painting with oil,
her medium of choice.  Over the past few years, she has accepted
many private commissions for local residents and businesses.  Her
collection of work focuses on abstract swirls, representational
flowers and feng shui influenced energetic shapes and movements.
The arrangements of line and color create a flow of energy and
passion in her pieces.  She uses contrasting vivid colors or subtle,
muted colors depending on the mood and feel of the piece.  Her
paintings are often described as undoubtedly unique and suitable
for both contemporary abstract and traditional art collectors.

Dre either begins a painting with a graphic design, or pencil sketch.
She then uses that design, or sketch as a reference to create her
original paintings.  In addition, she can also work with the colors in
your home or business to create a custom piece to compliment your
space.  Both her reference designs and original paintings are
available at the Painted Palms Art Studio and Med Bistro in
Charleston.  She also participates with her husband, Steve, in the
annual Piccolo Spoleto Festival located in Marion Square,
downtown Charleston.  
Dre Neff
843-884-0730 Studio
843-568-3334 Mobile