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"The Pouter"
Oil on Canvas By Steve Neff
Steve accepts commissions for portraits in oil,
acrylics, graphite and pastel.  Steve prefers to take
digital photographs for reference studies, as well as,
painting from life with the subject.  
"The Light Within I"
Oil on Canvas By Steve Neff
"Drummin' Desi"
Oil on Canvas
"Midnight Window"
6' x 4' Oil on Canvas
Pet Portraits
"Faith and Her Unicorn"
4' x 6' Custom Oil Portrait
"Charleston Guide"
Original Oil by Steve Neff
30" x 40" Framed

Prices for portraits vary depending on several factors which include:
the medium (i.e. oil, pastel or graphite), the size, number of subjects,
composition and background.  The process for custom portraiture is very
simple.  Once the above factors are determined, Steve will photograph
the subject(s).  Using the photo references, Steve will sketch various
ideas for the portrait and provide quotes for each sketch.  Once a sketch
is chosen, a contact is signed and the portrait commission begins.
"Welcome to Richard's Bar & Grill"
Oil on Canvas By Steve Neff