We are very pleased to announce the addition of master trompe l'oeil artist and muralist, William
Cochran, to the Painted Palms Gallery.  Currently available are signed, limited production prints
of the Community Bridge which include "The Light Within",  a trompe l'oeil painting of the
sculpture "The Woman of Samaria" which was originally sculpted circa 1857 by William Henry
Rineheart one of America's finest neoclassic sculptors.  "The Unfound Door", a beautifully
sculpted bronze gate.  "Arch Angel", a painted anamorphic projection.  "The Forgotten Song"
which depicts beautiful stone fountain and two doves (for peace) and "Medallions".  We are
now taking orders for signed, limited edition giclees re-touched by William Cochran.  

Visit Cochran's website at
to view more of his work and upcoming projects.
Recently, Steve Neff trained under trompe
l'oeil master, William Cochran.  He studied
the fundamentals of Trompe L' oeil and
created the piece shown in this picture.  
The painting creates the illusion of a
sculpture hanging on the wall with a 3-D
perspective.  Once completed, it will be on
display in the gallery.
"Archangel" was part of a large public art
project designed and led by William
Cochran in Frederick, Maryland.  "The
Community Bridge" murals are painted
directly on the bridge and each creates its
own illusion including all of the stonework.  
This image shows an anamorphic projection
creating the trompe l'oeil effect from only
one spot making it appear to the viewer that
the angel is coming out from behind the
wall.  In actuality, as shown in the second
picture when looking at the image directly,
the image is morphed and unrecognizable.
These two murals are also part of the
Community Bridge project.  Thousands of
people visit the bridge annually to witness
these trompe l'oeil illusions.  William
Cochran is responsible for many public art
mural projects earning awards both in the
United States and internationally.  To read
more about the Community Bridge visit
1419 Ben Sawyer Blvd
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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